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Privacy & Data Protection Policy

Data Protection

  1. All project-related files are stored on a password-protected computer that only I control.

  2. All emails are stored on a password-protected computer that only I control.

  3. All project-related files and all emails for ‘completed’ projects are stored on a password-protected computer.

  4. I do not use cloud storage for client materials unless by prior arrangement (e.g. for the purpose of sharing files with clients or colleagues via Dropbox or Google Docs).

  5. I have taken steps to protect the security of information on my mobile phone and external hard drives.

  6. I have a security procedure in place that ensures all personal data is irretrievably wiped from all old devices before I dispose of them.


Personal Data

  1. I collect your personal data (as defined under the GDPR) so that I can:

    • provide you with a service;

    • respond to your enquiries; and

    • keep you up to date with new services/availability.

  2. I keep your data while you are a client and after your project is completed (for tax purposes).

  3. I do not share your personal data with third parties unless I have asked for your permission to do so.

  4. I will not sell, lease or distribute your personal information to third parties unless I am compelled by law to do so.

  5. All new and existing clients are made aware of my Privacy and Data Protection Policy via links in my main email signature and website.


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